Specific Consumer Exposure Determinants have not been developed. Health assessment is made by PC12.

It is the duty of the registrant to identify the uses throughout the life-cycle of the substances and to perform a realistic exposure and risk assessment. To that aim the communication up and down the supply chain is vital for a complete assessment of the substance.

To help the harmonisation and consistency of the exposure and risk assessment process, Fertilizers Europe members have developed the sector Use Map and included the SWEDs and spERCs.

By using SWEDs the registrant can easily assess in Chesar the typical fertilizer uses indicated in the Use Map and ensure that his substance is safe for the downstream users (formulators and growers as end users).

To perform the environmental assessment by spERCs a specific calculation tool, FEE tool was developed. For the registrants of the commonly used environmentally hazardous micronutrients (Cu, Mn and Zn substances) ready-made Generic Exposure Scenarios, GES are offered. GESs can directly be included in the CSR.

Background documents and user guidances support the registrants┬┤ assessment.